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1. Current rate.

Fees are invoiced at a base rate of 150 € per hour when the file involves a basic procedure. Examples: lease, divorce, collection of commercial receivables, etc.
This rule can be departed from, particularly for more complex proceedings or for special matters such as the special proceedings for dismissing union delegates, international tax law, trademark law, international involvement of a file, international private law, etc. In this case, fees will be established on the basis of a minimum hourly rate of 300.00 €.
The lawyer is free to propose an all-inclusive rate for procedures of a repetitive nature such as collection of invoices, etc. A letter will be sent confirming the amount agreed on with the client.
Please note that our services provided from 1 January 2014 are subject to Belgian VAT at the applicable rate (currently 21%)

2. Statement of services.

A statement of services will be drawn up for each file.
Only the most important services are summarised in this statement.
The services performed by the lawyer in charge of the file will be summarised as well as those provided by the firm’s staff.
Services indicated by an asterisk include letters, faxes and e-mails sent by the client or by third parties. Costs for these services are calculated according to a rate for ten minutes except for services requiring more time.

3. Costs

Costs represent the variable part of the firm’s internal expenses: stationery, postage, envelopes, telephone, photocopies, typing, computer upkeep, travel costs, etc.
They come in addition to fees.
They are entered in the accounts as follows:
  1. Opening of the file: an all-inclusive fee for each file opened at the firm will be invoiced at 100 €. This covers all supplies related to the file (folder, separators, copies, postage, etc.)
  2. Additional copies: an additional amount will be charged for copies once the volume exceeds 100 units. Each copy will then be invoiced at 0.20 € per page.
  3. Letters: each letter or fax will be invoiced at the rate of 9 € per typed page.
  4. Faxes sent: 2.47 € per page
  5. Faxes received: 1 € per page
  6. E-mails: 1 € per page
  7. Telephone: an all-inclusive amount of 75 € will be automatically invoiced for all telephone calls either from a fixed phone or from a GSM. This all-inclusive amount can be increased for the needs of the file, particularly for calls abroad or when the budget is clearly insufficient with regard to the frequency and length of calls
  8. Travel: travel is invoiced at the rate of 1 €/km
  9. Other costs: registered letters, requests for copies from the court clerk’s office, execution and notarisation of copies, etc. will be invoiced at cost price.
  10. Services provided by third parties (bailiff, expert, etc.) will be invoiced directly by the third parties concerned.

c) Subscription agreement

Agreement in accordance with the specimen provided by the Brussels Bar.
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